7 Best Tips on How to Reduce Electric Bill at Home

Many people have been left wondering how to reduce electric bill at home. The convenience of electricity has thrilled many. Countless people rely on electricity for: Entertainment, lighting, cooking, air conditioning and warming up during cold conditions. All these uses and much more are controlled using switches. The simplicity of switching on and off makes many take them for granted the expense behind it. However on arrival of the bills, people are left wondering what to do in order to cope with all the cost. Here are some tips to reduce the bills.

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Turn off electric appliances when not in use. Some appliances are used for a short time each day. These appliances uses electricity for example, a microwave plugged into a switched on wall socket uses electricity even if it is not being used. Other appliances that must be unplugged from the wall sockets include: Television sets, computers, Electric kettles, iron box and toasters.

Cooling appliances such as fridges should be tightly closed. This is because, when cold air escapes from the fridge, it works hard to keep the temperature low hence using more electricity. The fridge has to be placed at least ten inches from the wall and away from hot or heating appliances. This reduces the energy needed for the fridge to remain cold hence reducing electricity use.

Changing light bulbs to energy saving bulbs is also a milestone in saving electricity. When buying light bulbs, it is important to check its consumption. Some bulbs use 25 watts while others uses up to 100 watts. Using the 25 watt bulb saves the electricity four times better than the 100 watts bulb.

Great savings can also be made through insulation of appliances. The hot water cylinder and pipes keeps water hot for a longer time when they are insulated. This reduces the cost of heating water and therefore saves electricity. The little cost of insulation can easily be recovered with the reduced bills. Sometimes, it is important to heat water on demand because keeping the tanks hot consumes a lot of electricity.

Another way on how to reduce electric bill at home is reducing the number of appliances used at a time. Some appliances are not so important if they are cut out. Going for a walk or playing a game such as draught and chess can break the monotony of watching television and playing computer games. These can be done sometimes hence keeping the use of these electric appliances minimal and therefore saves energy.

Alternative power sources can also be used. Basically, solar panels can be installed. They are a great source of un-billed electricity. Cooking gases such as biogas can also be used instead of using electricity.

Certain old appliances have been kept for long. These appliances can be sold and the money obtained used for electric bills. For example, one may always sell old appliances when they purchase new ones.

After using these tips on how to reduce electric bill at home, one can notice the difference between the previous bills and the current bills. Congratulate yourselves but remember to continue with the program.

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