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Home Decorating Tips – Have you ever thought that home decorating is expensive and difficult? Click here to visit FES Not true…! To decorate your home for you to be comfortable in and admired by your neighbours only takes some imagination on your part and it can be done much cheaper than you thought.

Let me give you an example – the cushions in your home do not have to be the same all the time. office partitioning Buy some colorful off-cut materials cheap, measure it to fit over the cushions as covers and stitch zips in. You can then change the covers at times that you feel like it. This way you will always have cushions “as new” in your home, and your friends will think you bought new ones. Store the old covers until you decide to change them again.

Do you have an old piece of furniture standing in your garage or outside? Furniture you see as junk? Why not transform it into something to be proud of and admired. You are after all the home designer in action!

If you sand it off you might be surprised at the high quality wood beneath that old paint.

You can then give it a stunning resist stencil design. office fit out melbourne After the furniture is sanded off properly, spray adhesive is applied to the back of a precut piece of stencil. You can cut any pattern or motive out before applying the adhesive. Allow it to dry and then place the stencil over the area on the wood that you want to stencil. Make sure that the bonding is tight by applying firm pressure. Cover the surrounding areas with paper and masking tape.

Apply about eight light coatings of clear acrylic sealer over the openings in the stencil, and let it dry thoroughly in between coats.

After the coats are dry, remove the stencil plate and remove all traces of unwanted spray with lighter fluid. Stain the entire piece and allow it to dry. Apply clear finish to the entire piece of furniture.

Your furniture will give the appearance of expensive laid in wood.

If you apply the stain the stenciled area will produce a nice contrast.

Keep in mind that the lesser grain in the wood, the better the result. I suggest testing various stains on a similar piece of wood before applying it to the furniture. This way the desired result will be achieved.

These are only two tips on home decorating, to show you it need not be expensive to transform your home into what you want.

Success with your home decorating!

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